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Houston VA Loans

Houston VA LoansHouston is a bustling area of Texas, and also the largest city in the state. With constant development, there are jobs, entertainment and great communities that make this city a great place to call home. If you are currently looking into to purchasing a home in Houston, and have served in the military, you may qualify for a Houston VA loan, with no down payment.

Am I Eligible for a VA Loan?

In order to be eligible for a Texas VA loan, you must first get a VA Certificate of Eligibility. You must also pass certain income, credit, debt-to-income ratio requirements as well. The basic requirements for Houston VA loan eligibility are:

  • You must be a United States Veteran, Active Duty Servicemember, Reserves Member, National Guard Member or Surviving Spouse
  • Veterans must have served a minimum of 90 days during specific wartimes or 180 days during peacetimes, or 24 continuous months between 9/7/1980 and today
  • Reserves Members & National Guard must have served a minimum of 6 years
  • All discharges must have been other than dishonorable

Is there really no down payment?

Yes, if you qualify for a VA loan in Houston, there is no down payment, as long as the home is within the current VA loan limits for the county, which is $417,000. You can still obtain a VA loan for more than $417,000; however you will need a down payment for home loans over this amount.

Apply for a VA loan in HoustonHow do I get a VA loan in Houston?

Jennifer Guidry can help you obtain a VA loan in Houston by working with you to get your VA Certificate of Eligibility as well as helping you determine if your credit and debt-to-income ratio qualifies. You can get a free VA loan rate quote by simply filling out Jennifer’s secure online mortgage application. Have more questions? Contact her today!

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